Daniel Bellqvist was born in Uppsala, Sweden in 1974. He then moved with his parents and grew up in Åkersberga outside of Stockholm and has now lived in Stockholm city for about 20 years.

He grew up with a father in the fashion industry hence he started visiting fashion shows at the age of 10 and his grandfather was a tailor so his roots have always been in fashion.

His love for music took him as the singer and songwriter of the band Eskobar around the world with several chart No1s in Sweden and a grammy nomination.

Later he became an official fashion blogger for Elle Magazine Sweden and through that found his absolute passion and love for fashion photography. After styling a shoot for a friend he decided to give fashion photography a go in the fall of 2014 and was hooked immediately. He’d already been collecting inspirational fashion photographs for years by that point.

His work reflects his love for strong, in control women, confident in their sexuality and power. Visually he’s drawn to the play between darkness and potent color.

The jump off point for his projects are usually a vision that consumes him for weeks, months or sometimes years before a shoot where he adds and subtracts details in his mental image until he’s completely satisfied with the potential for visual magnificence. Without feeling that potential is present he has no interest in going forward with the concept.

His work has been published in numerous independent magazines among them Design Scene, Rogue Magazine, Huf Magazine etc.



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